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Michael P. Ehline, Esq. Anaheim Hills Injury Attorney

Michael P. Ehline, Esq., Ehline law firm pc is a native resident of Anaheim Hills, CA

When an accident involving an injury has occurred in Anaheim or Anaheim Hills, such as on Nohl Ranch Road, it is to the injured victims’ benefit to have the representation of an attorney who has experience in the local courts. It also helps to get a distinguished member of the bar who attended Canyon High School. After all, as a local who knows the dangers of Nohl Ranch Road, or Santiago Canyon, Michael P. Ehline understands the special circumstances surrounding tragedies in this sleepy, bedroom community. With multiple millions of dollars in economic recovery for our clients, we assist with vehicle wrecks, dog bites, and other tragic events involving serious injuries and death.

What Makes Us Different?

Michael P. Ehline was raised in OC, went to El Rancho Jr. High and Canyon High, also attended Law School in Southern California at the University of West Los Angeles School of Law. This procurator has served honorably in the United States Marines, and belongs to many renowned legist organizations, including the American Judicature Society. Michael P. Ehline, Esq., is well-regarded by his peers for his sense of truthfulness, aggressiveness and expertise.

We are Committed to Your Case

The Ehline Law firm is committed to representing their wounded client’s legal rights and will aggressively focus on recovering the largest amount of compensation possible. Michael P. Ehline goes up against insurance companies with confidence to protect his clients rights to compensation. Each step of the way Ehline Law directs our clients through both the legal and financial steps that arise, while working hard for recovery for injuries sustained in accidents in Anaheim.

Anaheim California Offers Fun and Harm

Anaheim, California offers residents and visitors a public transit system this is where the Orange County Transit Authority serves the cities in Orange County, California. The OCTA buses that serve Anaheim offer the disabled person easy access and Metrolink of Southern California can also be used for transportation. Metrolink is Southern California’s rail system that serves commuters in Orange and other counties. Bus related fatalities and mishaps are always a concern here.

When injured, just the same as navigating the city, it is important to have legal help who can successfully navigate the local courts. Whether the sad event causing injuries occurred due to an auto accident, while using public transportation or a pedestrian accident Ehline Law can provide the most beneficial legal representation.

When Results Count

When results count after you or a family member has been spoiled in an Anaheim or Anaheim Hills tragedy, due to the negligence of another party, you will need the skill and experience of Ehline Law. Our advocates who can be reached either through the easy website form or by contacting them at 888-400-9721.